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Tips To Increase Your Blog Traffic

4th January 2015
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The vast majority of bloggers would love to attract more traffic to their website in order to increase their popularity. However, the traffic should be targeted in order to increase the conversion rate.

Having bad traffic won`t help you too much. Bad traffic consists on people who are not interested about the products and services that you are offering.

You will find a wide variety of methods to increase blog traffic if you know where to search. Analyze the list below to see how many methods you have employed to increase blog traffic until the present time.

Tips to increase blog traffic


You will need to select a particular method with which you can work efficiently, since some of these methods are more efficient than others.

Moreover, you should not rely on just one method to generate traffic, since some tactics may work longer than others. In this article, you will discover 40 ways that you can use to increase blog traffic.

We will update all these methods in the future.

To make them easier to comprehend, I have decided to place them in different categories.

In the list presented below, you will notice 13 methods that you can use for general traffic generation.

  1. Find other blogs and leave a comment

Leaving a comment on other marketers blogs is one of the best methods to increase your exposure and traffic.

It is recommended to find blogs within your niche.

You have to perform the following search in the major search engines: “your niche” + “Blogs”.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this page!

  1. Find forums in your niche and leave a comment

Forums are also great places to leave a comment.

You will find a big list of forums if you visit my post: Top Marketing Forums 2015.

You can select any forum you want from the list I have created.

You don`t even have to be in the internet marketing niche. You can use the same search method as with the blogs, but this time using forums.

  1. Spread some printed business cards

This method will generate a good effect, even though few people will employ it.

By spreading business cards to different people, you will have the opportunity to build a strong relationship with them, especially if you reach out the targeted individuals.

You will surely increase the traffic to your business.

  1. Include your blog in your e-mail signature

You should integrate your blog`s link in your e-mail signature right away if you did not do it until now.

Having links in different places online is critical for your success.

You can create an attractive signature by using WiseStamp. You should give it a try.

  1. Include the link of your blog in your forum signature

You should search for forums that allow users to include the links in the signature. Your links will be visible whenever you post a new thread. When it comes to increasing blog traffic, you can use this method for great results.

  1. Submit your blog to Google

If you submit your blog to Google, you will surely obtain far more organic traffic.

Google will automatically send out robots to crawl your website if you submit XML Sitemaps.

  1. Submit your blog to Yahoo!

You can also submit your blog to Yahoo! You can also increase your traffic by submitting your blog to Yahoo! Directories.

  1. Start relationships with other bloggers to generate more links to your website

This part is a little bit complicated. It is not that simple to build relationships with other bloggers. You have to comment on their blog in order to capture their attention and start collaboration.

You can also contact them through e-mail. You can also send me a message on Facebook if you want to chat!

  1. Work on your authority in your niche

When people will turn to you to find solutions to certain problems, you will become an authority.

Big brands always draw in the most customers. Therefore, simply by providing high quality content for individuals to share and read, you will surely become an authority.

You can also start creating video tutorials.

  1. Submit to website directories

There are some differences in this practice compared to submitting to Google and Yahoo! You can create back links with the help of website directories.

You should be careful when doing this. You will probably get penalized by the major search engines if you submit to the wrong web directories.

  1. Develop an iPhone application for your website

Creating an app is one of the best methods to boost traffic to your website. People will surely use their smartphones to visit your app.

You can always outsource this task to a freelancer if you don`t have the time to do it.

  1. Do something special

You need to analyze your competition and see what methods they are implementing to gain traffic. Try to work harder than them. I have also created my own method simply by combining what all my competitors were doing.

People will surely come back to you for guidance if you make this in a professional way.

  1. Find some places where you can chat with other bloggers

You can always try to create joint ventures with others in order to boost your traffic. You can try launching a product or a similar type of promotion.

Your exposure will practically double and you will get access to difference audiences.

WarriorForum is a great place to search for potential ventures.

Paid Traffic Generation

  1. Use Social Lead Freak to target Facebook users for your ads

If you want to search for individual users so you can export them into your list, you can always use Social Lead Freak. As soon as you finish creating the list, you can employ Facebook`s built-in power editor to target your ads exclusively to those users.

You can lower the costs of your ads with this amazing method.

I will come back with an Social Lead Freak Review in a new post.

  1. Use promoted accounts to advertise on Twitter

You will find lots of Twitter promoted accounts, so you need to get promoted Tweets to the targeted individuals!

  1. Use solo ads

This is clearly one of the most efficient methods in boost traffic to your website. When I`m building my email list, I always rely on solo ads. The conversion rate is incredible for targeted audience.

In order to obtain access to numerous solo ad vendors, you can visit Udimi.

  1. Sell your products with the help of affiliates

In case you want to sell a product, you can always rely on this method.

Different affiliates will want to sell the product for you! Here you will find the top affiliate programs that you can join in case you are thinking how to do that.

  1. Use Google Adwords to advertise your products

In order to gain traffic from organic searches, you need to use Google Adwords. Your keywords will influence the quality of your audience. You should know that you will need to pay more for the competitive keywords.

  1. Promote your blog on radio stations

This is a totally different market, even though this method may be outdated. People from your targeted audience may be listening to the radio on a daily basis.

Therefore, you should start advertising your blog on radio stations.

You will surely obtain some wonderful results.

  1. Promote your blog with Stumbleupon

You will be able to sponsor your pages in such a way to get them featured to your targeted audience with the help of StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon can send traffic to your websites without the use of ads or link clicks.

  1. Promote your blog on Craiglist

Some individuals may find this method to be really efficient. When you place an ad on Craiglist, you will have to select the proper audience.

Since the website permits only job postings, this will be a great method for those in the money making niche.

  1. Make use of banner ads on advertising platforms

By selecting the proper website to advertise, you will surely increase your area of exposure.

I personally use BuySellAds for this method. With this service, you will be able to see how many impressions you obtain and how much you pay for one click.

Therefore, you will easily find the proper website to advertise on.

  1. Ad Swap with bloggers in your niche

You can also swap adverts on some blogs. You will need to place an advert on your blog and they will do the same thing on theirs.

In order to increase your conversion rate, you have to find blogs that are in the same niche as you.

Social Media

  1. Create a list of Twitter Followers

There are nearly 300 million users included in Twitter`s database.

In order to build your Twitter followers, you will have to concentrate on certain keywords and start engaging into conversations.

  1. Boost your Facebook Likes

As you probably already know, this is the largest social media platform. Every marketer is using it.

Start building your audience by posting quality content regularly on your Facebook Page.

  1. Boost your Google+ Followers

Your Google+ activity will influence the search engine results, according to some Moz studies.

Therefore, in order to boost your rankings, you need to build some Google+ followers and stay active on this platform.

  1. Place a social media sharing button on each article

If you want to boost word of mouth traffic, then this method will work perfectly. You will surely regret if you don`t place social sharing buttons somewhere on your website.

To find the best sharing plug-in, you can visit CodeCanyon. Shareaholic is a great free service. I have personally used this one on my blog.

  1. Share your content to social media automatically

You will need to send your content over as soon as you have created your Social Media presence. It will take a lot of time to do this manually for each and every Social Media account.

Therefore, why don’t you employ an automatic approach?

In order to spread your blog articles to multiple Social Media platforms, you can use Nexscripts Social Network Auto Poster.

  1. Utilize Pinterest

You should take advantage of Pinterest in case your business is surrounding by pictures or if you work with a lot of images.

People will automatically follow you in case you build your Pinterest boards.

Update your boards constantly!

  1. Find out where and what your target audience are discussing with the help of BuzzBundle

You should definitely use this social management tool in case you want to find out where your target audience is spending most of the time.

You will be able to control your social media accounts and engage into conversions discovered through various keywords with the help of this tool.

  1. Use Klout and Buffer to share other high quality content on social media platforms

If you want to receive some suggestions for the articles to share on your social media, then you should use Klout and Bufferapp. Users will surely like your content and share it if you make use of these applications properly.

  1. Publish articles on Stumbleupon

You can obtain a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon. Use Nextscripts to post your articles on this platform automatically, after you create an account.

  1. Submit your greatest posts to Digg

The traffic that you bring to your website can also be improved with this social bookmarking site. You will need to share as many social bookmarking sites as possible.

  1. Submit your best articles on Reddit

You can get numerous surprises from Reddit. You will gain lots of exposure and traffic if your articles get voted a lot.

You will need to identify suitable Sub Reddits to submit your articles. Don’t break the rules and avoid spammy techniques as you can get banned.

  1. Engage to all your social media followers

Social media followers usually don`t visit your blog by themselves. In order to make them visit your websites, you will have to engage with them on a constant basis.

  1. Present your articles by creating Slideshare presentations

I personally use SlideShare in order to increase my blog traffic.

An important amount of traffic can be generated with this method. You should upload your presentations to Slideshare by using PDFs.

  1. Make Youtube Video tutorials

Create videos using your own camera! You will surely increase your exposure and get more traffic since numerous individuals worldwide visit this website daily.

  1. Enter in different Facebook groups

You should search for some Facebook Groups to join in case you want to increase your exposure on Facebook.

Start conversations with them and make a name for yourself.

  1. Enter in different LinkedIn groups

Entering different LinkedIn groups is yet another great alternative. Professionals make use of this method.

This is a wonderful platform to start with if your business is surrounded by professionals.

  1. Analyze the top bloggers in your market niche

Use Twitter to find other bloggers in your niche and follow them!

They will most likely follow you back if they notice you.

You can exchange ideas and help one another if you start engaging in certain discussions with them.

In order to benefit from one of these methods to the maximum, you should find one that you are 100% good at.

Try out different methods in order to discover one that fits your ideas perfectly.

Check out our Beginners section here to find out more related articles and don’t forget to drop us a comment if you have any questions!