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Start Your Own Freelance Career (Tips)

2nd January 2015
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People from all corners of the world can now choose to work from home, since the internet has spread widely and rapidly. You can also work from home for someone else, but if you really want to have some freedom, you can start freelancing. By doing so, you will be able to make your own schedule and select the people with whom you want to work with. Freelancing also offers you the opportunity to spend more time with your family and travel in different parts of the world, since the location from where you perform your work is also independent. However, having an internet connection is mandatory.

You probably know all the benefits if you have already started a freelance career. People who are totally strangers to the freelancing world may feel a little bit intimidated by this idea. But this is not a good reason to give up. You will surely benefit from these tips if you really want to obtain the freedom and money provided by the freelancing world.

Select your area of expertise

The vast majority of individuals believe that the best way to get more clients is to offer a wide range of services, but this is not true at all. Therefore, you have to find the exact thing that you are good at and start working hard to accomplish your dream. This will look much more professionally.

All the prospects out there must connect you with one single product, so try to hone your offerings. A narrow niche offering will give you more chances to be successful. You will be able to expand your business as soon as you create your own client base. In the meanwhile, try a specific approach at the start of the road.

Specify the exclusive Selling Proposition

If you really want to be different from your competitors, you need to have a unique selling proposition. Clients will always choose the more experienced and honored sellers in the detriment of a new freelancer, so you must bring something new to the table. Bringing something new to the table will increase your chances of success. A little bit of imagination is enough to generate sales. You can offer yourself to drive some potential customers to certain locations in case you want to become a real estate agent. If you are working as a designer, you can include a bonus for all the clients who want to buy a full web design package. You will need to make something to impress the clients and encourage them to spread the news about your product or service, if you want to make the most out of the time that you invest in your business.

Develop your Brand

Your freelancing business will be represented by your brand. Your logo, some specific colors, typography or the overall look of your service should all resemble your identity. Every client must link you with a streamlined presence, both in the real world and online world. Everything from business cards to social media platforms and anything in between must highlight the same concept.

People should understand exactly what they can expect from you simply by analyzing your brand. Try to include your personal drawing in all the orders that you complete. There are numerous platforms that copywriters, photographers, and bakers can use in order to reflect their work. Moreover, these platforms can help sellers display their positive reviews and build a strong reputation.

Create a Portfolio

People can find out exactly what you do simply by analyzing your portfolio. However, when you start your business, you will probably rely only on your friends and family to purchase your service or product. You can complete a few samples for free simply to receive testimonials that will describe your service.

You need to promote your services as much as you can and state the fact that you will work in exchange for a simple testimonial. Don’t do more than 5 examples. In order to let clients know that you are new to the game, you can provide your services for a cheaper price. Yet, don’t do it for too long!

Get your first clients

Usually, people are really scared of this step. However, if you want your business to reach success, you need to value this step. Start by telling people exactly what you do and eliminate all the doubts from your mind. Your dream should not be shattered by your fear, shame or other similar emotion.

Ask people to inform everyone they know about your services or products so that you can build a reputation for your brand. The next step is to grow your business by including your online contacts into the list of prospects. For this part, you can make use of the main social media platforms. You should definitely consider Pinterest and Instagram in case you are in a visual field.

Don’t give up on your job

The reality is that you will not be able to make the amount of money that you want right from the start. You should quit your job only when you have reached a level when you are overloaded with orders. You can also save enough money to plan the day when you will quit your job, which is also a better alternative. Having some money saved in your account will serve as a backup plan in case something goes wrong.

Remember that you will need to work hard to become a freelancer. Without the proper dedication and will to succeed, you will end up broke. You need to take things gradually and work on developing your own business. You need to know that you are on the right path in case you feel embarrassed and have some doubts about the future. You will eventually get what you deserve if you work hard and keep your expectations in your reach.