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Register On Fiverr To Make Money

31st December 2014
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Recently we decided to make an experiment on this international online market. The experiment consisted on placing a few orders here and there and analyzing if it is a good way to make money online or not.


How can we define Fiverr? Well, to put it simply, people can buy and sell different services on this online marketplace. If you have a unique talent, you can make some cash out of it on Fiverr. Now you are probably thinking that $5 is really a small prize to take!

You need to consider the fact that there are some options to make much more than that: creating Gig Extras and Upsells.

You will need to take advantage of the gig extra feature in order to make some serious cash on Fiverr.

Let`s imagine the fact that you want to design a Gig where you will provide video product demos and testimonials for $5.

You will need to present the product that you receive from your clients in front of a camera for a couple of seconds. Do you find this service profitable? The answer is yes only if you receive a nice product to keep.

However, the gig extra can make your efforts worthwhile. You will read a 45 word script for just 5 bucks. You can add a gig extra of $10 for those who want you to speak more naturally on camera. Another $10 gig extra can be added for those who want you to wear a clip on mic for high audio quality. You can add any kind of gig extra that you want as long as it is related to your initial service and respects your gig`s description.

Therefore, you don’t have to limit yourself to just $5. You can increase your average orders to 15$ after just one month of selling.

Make money on Fiverr by following the next steps:

  1. Create your own account on this online marketplace.
  2. Do a little bit of research to find some services that you can offer as well.

Analyze the top rated sellers in your niche and consider how they have set up their services. Take a look at the unsuccessful sellers as well and avoid their mistakes. Once your finish with your research, you will know what you need to do in order to gain some cash.

  1. Test the platform by buying a $5 gig from a particular seller. You have to understand the purchase and review aspects if you really want to become a top rated seller. Any seller will need to acquire and maintain a good star rating in order to gain status.
  2. Start the set-up process of your gig once you have made up your mind. Make sure you include a photo and video describing your service exactly. You can use your own smartphone to record a particular video in case you don`t have expensive video equipment. Sellers who present their services through videos have 65% more chances to get a client than those who do not.
  3. Consider the keywords that you include in the gig`s title to help users find you easier. If you are promoting products on camera, a clear example of title will be: “I will promote your product on camera”. You can add a color on the background of your video and include it in the title as well. Always use relevant keywords when making the titles.
  4. Change the status of your gig to LIVE.

This is also a very important part. Now you need to start promoting your gigs. You will obtain better rankings on Fiverr if you have a significant amount of purchases on your gig.

  1. You can hit the “Level One” seller status if you ask your friends to purchase your gig. You will be able to make more money and add gig extras to your gig as soon as you reach level one. You will be able to get upsells if you manage to sell at least ten gigs and stay active on Fiverr for just one month.
  2. You should always try to make your customers happy. You will start to gain more sales if you stay consistent in your work and deliver orders on time.

Useful advice for Fiverr success

  • Don`t be late on deliveries! Your rankings on Fiverr will surely be affected if you have late orders.
  • Don`t leave any room for misunderstandings and try to explain very clear what you are offering. Take a moment and write your description properly.
  • Use the social networks to promote your own gigs.
  • You will obtain good rankings on Fiverr if you start selling on your own.
  • You will also get some orders from Fiverr even if you don`t promote.
  • Start selling and gathering good reviews as soon as possible if you want to rank higher.
  • Avoid talking with clients that don`t have an account on Fiverr. You will get banned if you do this since it is against their terms and conditions.
  • There are some chances to get negative reviews even if you deliver quality services, but don`t get discouraged. Put in your part of the job and if you get in a conflict with a client, simply submit a ticket to Fiverr and the staff will handle it properly.
  • If things don`t get settled, you can cancel the order and refund the buyer. Don`t endanger your ratings for $5.

You will surely start with the right foot and make some extra money on Fiverr if you implement these tips.

Have you previously worked with Fiverr? Can you tell us some tips for both buyers and sellers? Take a moment to leave us a comment with your ideas.