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Make Profit Reselling Websites (Recurring Strategy)

31st December 2014
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We have managed to earn nearly $700 in just 14 days with the help of the tips presented in this article. You can also make money with this strategy. Don`t waste another minute to find how this really works…

By using the next steps, you will have to purchase, redesign and resell websites:

  1. Search for websites that are outdated in terms of design (you can search for local service pages, such as electricians, technicians, etc)
  2. Visit – In this web development platform, people can design HTML5 websites and mobile sites by making use of the drop and drag tools. Do a little bit of research to find out more details…
  3. Start by changing the outdated design of a particular website after you have copied it into a flash template.
  4. Once finished, present the new design to the owner by mail. They will surely wan’t to purchase it, so be careful how much you charge for the design. You can start with $300 for the design and a 5$ monthly set up fee.
  5. In order to use your own domain and attach the design to the website, you need to purchase the premium account at Wix. (You will need to spend about $10 each month for every domain).

Keep on doing the same thing and monitor your incomes: $300 for the design, and the monthly set-up fee.

You can get incredible amounts of money by outsourcing the client or the design. This strategy has already proven its efficiency when it comes to making money online.

From just seven reselling websites redesigned, we have managed to re-sell three of them. We did this with only 150$ invested.

Make use of this idea! If you have any questions, don`t forget to send us a message.

Good luck with this strategy!