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Make Money With Instagram Using A Powerful Method

2nd January 2015
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If you want to make money with Instagram, then you have come to the right place. I am still working to increase my incomes considering the fact that I started this strategy recently.

You can use the following strategy to earn decent cash :

First step.

Choose a niche with moderate popularity and create an account in Instagram. You will need to discover other accounts on Instagram with 500K to 1 mill followers in the same niche.

Second step.

Work hard to develop your Instagram account. Remain active day after day and don’t forget to follow other users from the same niche. In case you use a bot, you can follow for follow.

You can also purchase shootouts from big accounts from the same niche in order to develop your own account. (This is one of the most efficient strategies that you can use).

After you have posted a picture, encourage your followers to tag their friends in case they do certain things. This will also help you increase the followers on your account.

Third step.

You can move to this step as soon as you have reached 500 likes or more. You are practically posting a “giveaway” on your Instagram account. The value of your gift should be somewhere around $500. The next thing that you need to do is to search for a picture of a person holding up that product on Google. You can choose a product from your niche or a smartphone. 

Fourth step.

I personally use CPA content lockers on a landing page to make cash. In this strategy, people will have to complete a short survey in order to win the prize of your contest. Whenever a person completes the survey, you will receive a sum of money between 1$ and 10$. The giveaway competition will be unlocked as soon as they complete the survey.

It will be impossible for them to enter the contest if they don’t complete that survey.

The CPA Network you use is your choice, we recommend you CPAGrip (google it) as they have cool monetization tools which you can use to create your content lockers. 

Fifth Step.

Let’s say you decided to use the CPAGrip network, here is how it works :

You need to head to the “monetization tools” after you have registered on the CPA network.

Next, go to “Content Lockers”

To demonstrate the fact that you are a human and not a spammer, you need to write your content locker.

Now it`s time to copy the content locker code into a file on your pc.

Sixth step.

This step consists on using a free website on to create your personal landing page. You can also use WordPress in case you have an initial budget. When you create it with, your URL will look something like this:


Your final home page should include the following message: Win an Iphone! Please fill out your information below to enter the contest:

Your website must also be optimized for mobile devices. Considering the fact that Instagram users rely on mobile devices, this is very important.

You need to paste the content locker`s HTML code in the HTML box of your landing page. You can make use of some HTML widgets to perform this task.

Step 7:

Now it`s time to reap off the benefits. You can earn up to 200$ in case you obtain 600 likes on your giveaway photo. 200 of these views should visit the giveaway on your landing page, and one hundred people must complete the survey.

You can use the comment section of this page in case you want to ask me something. Good luck !