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Long Tail Pro Review

3rd January 2015
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Product Name : Long Tail Pro

Creator : Spencer Haws

Focus: Keyword Research

Website :

Price: $97

Recommended : Yes

Introduction to Long Tail Pro

Keyword research is a main component of online marketing. You will have to search for relevant keywords in order to rank a micro-niche website or if you want to build authority sites. This Long Tail Pro review will reveal more information on this subject. You will have to spend lots of time to do keyword research manually. Therefore, using a keyword research tool will be the best idea. The tools that you will have to purchase will have more features compared to the free tools. Spend some money on a paid keyword research tool if you wan’t to see quality results. One of the most common and efficient keyword research tools available at the time is Long Tail Pro. 

One of the main reasons i enjoy Long Tail Pro is it’s user-friendly interface. It will allow you to find low competition keywords really easy. You will be able to use the keywords in your blogs or articles to obtain more traffic as soon as you find them.

You can also obtain nearly 800 results per search term, pre-filter keywords based on various search criteria’s, discover keyword-centered domains and know the completion for top 10 results on Google if you try the free version. It will take ten days for the free trial to expire. Check the end of this Long Tail Pro review to discover the special link to the ten day trial.

You can also upgrade Long Tail Pro to Long Tail Pro Platinum. There are some additional features included in the upgraded version.

  • A keyword competitiveness indicator that is easy to use: You will be able to see the level of completion for a particular keyword with a value between 0 and 100.
  • Save favorites: By saving your list of keywords so that you can use them in the future, you will have more time to complete other important tasks.
  • Add more keywords: You will be able to save your own keywords in the tool.
  • Keep track of the rankings: You will be able to do this with just one click.                          


Long Tail Pro Features

Discovering the search keywords used by your POP, search volume, and keyword competition would be easy tasks with Long Tail Pro.

The keywords with a score between 35 and 45 are much harder to rank, but those that are under 35 can be ranked easier. You can opt for these keywords as soon as you obtain an authority in your niche. It will be nearly impossible to rank keywords with 45 or above score. You need to rank keywords with low competition in case you have basic knowledge regarding SEO. Use Long Tail Pro to search these keywords. You will obtain high quality traffic once your website obtains important positions on these keywords.

You can also add different keywords to favorites and create a list of keywords with low competition using this tool. You can implement the keywords that you find in your blogs and articles for one month.

Competitor analysis is another important feature included in this long tail keyword research tool. With the help of this tool, you will be able to examine your competition and see what they have used to rank in Google. Avg KC Score, on-age optimization, page authority, juice page links, page links, domain authority, site age and page rank are all parts of this feature. You should think too much about these features when you are just starting out. You will learn them one by one. You can go Pro as soon as you have finished examining the trail version.

The fact that you can verify the ranking of your website on the main search engines for the targeted keywords is another important feature of Long Tail Pro.

There are also some features associated with popular keyword discovery tools in Long Tail Pro. One example would be the numerous campaigns that you can launch for a particular location.

These options can be really useful when searching for keywords. The tool can automatically generate a list of keywords that are related to the input seed terms that you have selected. Users will also have the opportunity to define keywords manually, obtain more data, like domain availability, global search volume, Google title competition and much more. You can also use filters on Long Tail Pro.

Long tail Pro vs Market Samurai

In the past years, the main keyword research tool on the web was Market Samurai. Numerous things have changed since then. However, you will discover that Long Tail Pro is far better if you make a comparison. The main disadvantage of Market Samurai consists on the fact that it is relatively slower than its competitor, even though it is suited for beginners. Long Tail Pro is ideal for keyword research due to the added features.

The benefits of Long Tail Pro Platinum

We advise people to test Long Tail Pro in case they never used a keyword research tool before. You will surely love it.

There are numerous useful features included in the Platinum version. You can obtain access to a keyword competitiveness indicator, save lots of keywords, add your own keywords in the list and keep track of your website`s progress for an additional fee.

If you are serious about making money online, you should waste no time and purchase this incredible tool immediately.

You will have to pay $97, plus a monthly fee of $17, to purchase the Long Tail Pro Platinum version. However, for the standard version, you will need to pay a one-time fee of $97. Now that you know all these information, we hope that you will find the right keyword research tool for your needs.

Hope you will reach success in your business,

P.S.: In case you have any questions regarding this review, you can leave your comment below.


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