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Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

5th December 2014
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Affiliate marketing offers you a safe and efficient method to make money using your website. In this article, we will explain the main principles behind affiliate marketing.

You will find 2 methods to earn money on the internet:

  1. Promote your own services and products.
  2. Use somebody else`s products and services in your marketing strategy and get paid for doing it.

The second method will be widely discussed in this post. (You can always promote an E-book if you really wish to sell your own staff). However, let`s talk more aspects related to affiliate marketing.

How can we define affiliate marketing? What about the affiliate?

Below you will find the main principles involved in affiliate marketing:

  1. You own a site or blog.
  2. You are aware of a product or service that you can recommend to your readers.

First of all, you need to become an affiliate of the company that advertises that particular item or service.

  1. You have to promote that particular item or service for the top of the supply chain. You will become an affiliate of that company as soon as you start promoting its products or services.
  2. As a way of example, you can promote a good product offered by Company X on your blog or website through an article or with the use of a banner. You will include the link of the product in your article or banner. However, the link that you need to use would be your affiliate link, which will include your unique and special ID.
  3. The text link or banner will be accessed by one of your readers. Moreover, he will decide to purchase the service or product found on Company X`s website.
  4. The fact that you have referred the client this webpage, will also be noticed by Company X because of the unique code in your link.
  5. You will obtain a commission each time a reader purchases the product after he was referred to the website by you.

Four methods to discover affiliate products or services to promote

You have to be really creative when searching for things to advertise. You can turn your attention on the products or services that you already use. If you want to discover if the products or services that you use are involved in an affiliate program, you can always use the following tips:

  1. Identify the product and visit it`s official website. Look for a link that displays the following message: “Affiliates,” “Affiliate Program,” “Referral Program” or anything like that.
  1. Use the web to find out more about a product or service that you currently like. I really like the greeting cards, birth announcements, wedding invitations and holiday greeting cards produced by Tiny Prints, so I can say that I`m a huge fan of this company. Therefore, I opened my browser and starter searching for: “Tiny Prints affiliate program”, “Tiny Prints affiliates” or “Tiny Prints referrals” on Google. Keep on searching even if you don`t find anything in your first search because some websites include small variances in word usage or terms. Sign up by following the links.
  2. Analyze what kind of affiliate products are being used by other bloggers in your niche. Examine their websites. Go through their posts. Is there something special in their sidebar? Who are they linking to? Look for affiliate information using the methods mentioned above in case you notice a product or service that they are discussing about.
  3. You can also join an affiliate network and browse through their campaigns in order to discover things to promote. An affiliate network is created by various companies in order to present their affiliate program. Therefore, you will need to join an affiliate network anyway in case you want to promote a particular product. You will benefit from this fact because you will obtain access to numerous products at once.

How can we define an affiliate network?

Here are the main principles behind an affiliate network:

  1. You will need to use a website as a middleman. Advertisers are practically connected with publishers through the website. This website will practically link you to the company.
  2. The advertisers will wan’t to work with this website and they will request the publishers to promote one or more of their products.
  3. A particular campaign will be listed on the website.
  4. As the publisher, you will notice the product in the available “Campaigns,” “Offers,” or “Marketplace”. You will want to take part of that campaign in case you see that the product is good to promote. The affiliate network and advertisers will decide if you need to apply in order to become part of the specific campaign of that product.
  5. You will need to examine the list of available buttons, banners, text links, etc. for that product as soon as you have been accepted to promote the product. You select the option that fits your needs and copy the code they provide you with. There is a unique ID included in it. You then implement the code on your website.
  6. Whenever a reader clicks on this link, he/she will be automatically redirected to the product`s website, where they will purchase it and you will get paid by the supplier.

Considering the fact that advertisers don`t have to run the affiliate program themselves, we can say that the affiliate networks are efficient for them. Moreover, affiliate networks act as one-stop shopping in the favor of the publishers. By acting as middlemen, the affiliate networks will also gain some profits from this circle.

Six major aspects to consider before you become an affiliate

  1. Opt for the products or services that you can truly recommend. You can also promote products or services that you have used in the past because you can present them to your readers much easier.
  2. Select some products or services that belong to your niche. You will probably be considered a spammer if you start promoting car insurance services and your main niche of interest is selling cooking recipes.
  3. It will be really hard to regain the trust of the customers in case you enter the scammers category. You won`t encounter any kind of problems if you start with high standards. You will make your mission much difficult on the long run if you start promoting bad stuff.
  4. Search for the top affiliate deal. Some companies present better offers to their affiliates than others, so you have to find the ability to locate these offers. Once you find the best offers, make sure you change the link on your website.
  5. Gain more experience! Use different networks, ad sizes, and text links, and so on to experiment with. With only some small changes, you can make major improvements in revenue.
  6. Keep in mind to read the Terms of Service of each program you participate in. You don`t want to get banned from a program!

I truly believe that this post presented all the main principles of affiliate marketing. You can check the beginners section if you want to discover more information on this topic. Moreover, this section will present you with the top affiliate programs that you can join, the top compensation models and other useful things.

Drop us a comment if you have any questions! 

Good luck!