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Easy Strategy To Reach A Constant 500$ a Month Income

9th December 2014
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Even though I`ve put to test numerous online money making solutions, few of them really managed to produce any results.

All the information provided in this post helped me to begin and to understand the principles behind E-mail Marketing. This method can help numerous individuals who are looking to make money online, even though it is already being used by others. Those who manage to adopt this method to their own style will surely benefit from it.

Brief introduction

The main principles behind this technique consist on purchasing solo ads, sending the customers to a squeeze page and encourage them to subscribe to your auto responder.

This will allow you to present your products to them far easier. Even if this may seem a little bit complicated, you will get a better understanding if you continue reading. Here are some definitions of the terms used above.

SLO or Self-Liquidating offer: this term represents the offer that you will get after you have finished spending money on solo ads. It will help you recover your money, plus a profit.

Squeeze page: Online marketers use a Squeeze page to gather their visitors name and e-mail addresses. With the help of the list that they will obtain in the end, marketers will have the opportunity to interact with their customers and promote several of their products or services.

Conversions: It represents the number of visitors that subscribe to your email list. You will need to create an efficient squeeze page in order to obtain a high conversion rate and generate the volume of sales that you wish.

AutoResponder: When you receive an e-mail from one of your clients, this program will practically respond automatically with a prewritten text. After extracting the return address from the top of the message, the program will immediately sent out a response to the sender.

With the help of the information provided until this point, we can begin the process. My purpose is to go as deeply as I can with my explanations.

Presenting the principles behind this strategy

The first step would be to create an impressive list. You will be able to earn $1 from each and every subscriber that you place on your list, on an average scale monthly. For example, if you manange to gather 100.000 individuals on your list, and you start promoting a product or service that will bring you a commission of $50 for every sale and just 2% will purchase it, you might expect $100.000 in your bank account. However, only the most skilled marketers manage to obtain this rate, but you can still generate at least $40.000 if you send emails on a daily basis.

Let’s analyze the prices associated with solo ads. If your initial budget is 25$, you can purchase a click for nearly $0.35 on average. This strategy will bring you nearly 71 clicks. The number of opt-ins that you will obtain from these clicks would be about 28. From this number of opt-ins, you can expect 2-3 sales. Therefore, you will be able to cover your investment plus a small profit. Let`s imagine that you will continue this strategy every week, adding the profits from previous weeks. You can expect 142 ads, 56 opt-in, and three sales in the following week. You will gain another 58 subscribers apart from the fact that you will cover your investments. At this point, your profit should reach app. 90$ on a monthly basis. Your profits should increase to 2500$ per month in just three months of following this strategy. Thus, taking into consideration these calculations, you can expect to make 40K$ per month after 1 year. Don`t forget about the fact that these are average statistics. You can add or remove some figures to this sum of money, according to how much effort you place in your strategy. Even though some people are inclined to believe that everything depends solely on the list, you need to understand that the relationship you have with the people on that list will influence your success. Here is how the process will develop:

First step: Identify a good product that you want to promote. It would be a great idea to find a product with a high gravity on ClickBank, since this strategy does not require any SEO. There are also other networks available out there, but we will use this one in our example.

In order to find the best product, you can use the CB search engine. After you have identified a good product, make some research on it. Select it in case you find it to be professionally promoted. You can also rely on the reviews left on Youtube. Note some of the most important aspects, since they will be really useful for the next step:

Second step: Create your own squeeze page. For this step i will let you research an online service (paid or free) to help you create one. There are lots of services online where no costs are involved and you can obtain a distinctive squeeze page with a high conversion rate, just google it. There are two methods that you can apply here: make your own selling video or explain what you have to say with the help of some bullet points. The next step will be to create an opt-in form with the help of the AutoResponder. This is presented in the following step:

Third step: There are numerous brands that can offer you a good AutoResponder service: Aweber, GetResponse, Mailchimp, and so on. For the first month, it is recommended to use a cheap service with a free sign up. After setting up your web form ( with the thank you page being the offer you are promoting), copy the HTML code. Insert the code into your squeeze page. You will find a more comprehensive explanation of this process on Youtube, i will let this on you, there are lots of videos on Youtube which explain how to do it. Now it is time to create your follow up message, and you can rely on Youtube as well for this task. The minimum amount of emails that you need to send in the next month is ten. You need to create a strong relationship with your clients after this month. At this point, you can start sending broadcasts and products that you want to promote. Don`t forget to cloak your links. Again, Youtube can be really useful for this task.

IMPORTANT ASPECT: You need to test this easy strategy process before you start to utilize it officially. You can begin sending traffic to your squeeze page after you complete the tests.

Fourth step: You will find numerous solo ad providers out there. Try to select only those that have positive reviews. Reed Floren`s reviews ( would be a great place to start with. With an initial budget of $40, you will obtain 100 clicks. Don`t forget that this is HIGH quality traffic. The email that you will send to your list is called “swipe” and some providers will write it for you. The point here is to write something that will generate a high converting rate. In the first part of the strategy, you will have to use a lower offer, increasing it gradually.

Fifth step: Consistency is the key here! You need analyze the number of opt-ins and sales constantly and keep an eye on your links. Easy strategy success depends on the relationship you have with your clients.

I hope this helped some of you.

If you need any help, just comment and I will reply shortly.