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Earn Money With Ebay Affiliate Program

2nd January 2015
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Few people know that they can make serious money each and every day by employing a simple method on eBay, without selling any product.

You can always make some extra cash using the affiliated program proposed by eBay.

You will get paid per lead and per sale in case you use the affiliate program offered by eBay. Here are the steps you should follow :

  1. Sign up for this affiliate program by visiting
  2. In order to begin your journey, you need to do some online research on the best classified ads sites and create a short list with the top services. You will find numerous classified ads sites besides Craigslist, which is obvious the most popular one.
  3. Select a really popular product that you want to promote and put it on sale on all the classified sites. In case somebody wants to purchase the product, you have two possibilities: the first one would be to inform the client that you have already sold it or you can tell him that you have made the decision to list the product on eBay instead of selling it on the classified site. It is recommended to use the second option. You can also invent your own techniques if possible.
  4. When people purchase something on eBay, you will get paid. Moreover, if a person signs up for eBay and remains active, you will receive commissions. A 30 day tracking cookie will be linked to any person you send to eBay.

It will not take too many efforts to generate the minimum amount of $10 per day! However, if you want to make some serious cash, about $100 per day, you need to use your imagination and work hard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are numerous products that you can choose from, so it is not necessary to use only the popular gadgets. You can make serious cash by promoting cars, ATV`s and so on.