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Earn More Than $100 A Day With Google Adsense

31st December 2014
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In this article we will present an easy but effective method of making money with google adsense.

Things necessary to make this a reality:

  1. A YouTube account that is at least six months old.
  2. Your Adsense account
  3. An initial budget

The strategy:

  1. Create an account on YouTube with one of the following themes: security cams, dash cams, car crashes. Become a YouTube partner by connecting this new account with Adsense. Ensure the fact that you obtain the feature of custom thumbnails.
  2. Find a couple of fascinating DASH CAM and SECURITY CAM videos that display car accidents. You can use LiveLeak, YouTube and the internet in general for this task.                                                                                              russian-dash-cam-flying-car
  3. REMEMBER THIS TIP: Avoid downloading videos that have been captured and uploaded by amateur videographers!
  4. Start by uploading dash cam or security videos. Set up a thumbnail that will capture the attention of possible viewers. DON`T FORGET that we are creating a legit channel, so no spamming involved! You will probably get your account suspended when YouTube catches up with you.
  5. The DMCAed condition will not affect dash cam/security cam videos. The chances for this to happen are quite slim. However, if one of the videos is “claimed” by a third party, simply delete it.
  6. The next step will be to promote a very interesting video that is sponsored on YouTube. This is a very important step. You won`t get too much cash from YouTube clicks. Don`t limit yourself to a particular region. Users will love and share your video if it’s interesting. It will take only a couple of days for YouTube to display it in the extremely popular videos category. Moreover, the other videos presented on your account will also start to receive views. Some people will even subscribe to your channel.
  7. You need to stop promoting the videos that reach a minimum of 100.000 views. These videos will get organic views. Do the same process with other videos. Try to upload new videos constantly.
  8. You will get numerous subscribers to your channel. YouTube will automatically add your channel to the suggested channels category as soon as you reach few thousand subscribers.
  9. You will never get banned if you respect these rules and your Adsense account will receive more and more cash. You can make up to 100$ per day with adsense if you follow this strategy.
  10. Take a moment to see how much cash is in your Adsense account.

Why you should use an old account!

Each video that is uploaded in a new account with the monetization option enabled will have to be reviewed by YouTube. You will probably get banned if you upload Dash Cam and Security Cam footages on a new account. You will either be asked to show some proof that the footage is yours, or the video will remain under review for hundreds of days. Your monetization application will probably not be approved in the end. It is not a pleasant situation to have your videos under review for long period of time, even if you can prove the fact that the footage is yours.

It will take only a couple of minutes for a video to get approved for monetization if you are using an old, clean account.

Therefore, you need to use a YouTube account that is at least six months old.

Drop us a comment if you have any questions!