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Chris Farrell Membership Review

12th December 2014
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Product Name : Chris Farrell Membership

Creator : Chris Farrell

Price : $4.95 first week – $37 / month thereafter / $997 Mentor Me Program

Website :

Recommended : Yes

Introduction and Product Overview

   Since more and more people are searching to find the benefits and downsides of Chris Farrell Membership (CFM), I have decided to review this service in this post. This review was created with the intention of helping people who are searching for online help, and I wanted to put my own point of view in this Chris Farrell Membership review. Due to the fact that I had the opportunity to learn everything I wanted, I can say that I am not an active member anymore at the present time. However, I have maintained access to my membership because I want to refresh my knowledge constantly.

Who can benefit from Chris Farrell Membership?

  • Those who want to become part of a helping and active community
  • Those who want to learn new things through video tutorials
  • Those who are interested in free traffic strategies
  • Those who are new to this business and want to become successful

In case you are on the way to success and manage to make money online, this membership was created especially for you since it offers you important information to how to make money online, regardless of the phase you are in right now.

What are the main benefits of Chris Farrell Membership?

Free Unlimited Hosting – Since you will avoid the trouble of searching for hosting and battling with technicalities, we can say that half the worth of this membership will be provided by this option. You will also be able to set up your website on the hosting servers easily with the help of the tutorials.

Step-by-Step guide on how to build a website – Inexperienced users will surely benefit from the tutorials included in this membership, which can also help experienced users ease their training.

Done for you website – If you don`t have time to create your own website, you can also benefit from the series of websites created by Chris and his team. You will obtain a professional sales page that can help you make money in no time if you download and follow the instructions of the website.

Video tutorials – You will learn how to create your own website, set up the auto-responder, possess the right mindset, gather traffic and social media with the help of the video tutorials provided by Chris.

Support – All your questions will be solved through the forum or direct response by the support team created by Chris.

Optimize Press Lite – More advanced users will surely benefit from this software, which is a major bonus for any new member as well.

Additional courses – Courses such as “I love Traffic” and “21 days to success” will surely be of help for any active member. I managed to learn several new things and notice fast results with the help of the new course added by Chris, called “no 1 mistakes any newcomer makes”.



  • $1 Trial that will allow you to try out the program
  • Offers great support
  • Training is quite simple to implement and top quality
  • Chris Farrell will get involved in the program
  • Training will be updated constantly


  • The program lacks a community nature and there is poor activity on the forum
  • Program marketing fails to specify the amount of work and commitment needed to succeed
  • The updates are not as frequent as you would expect



People who expect to get rich without hard work and dedication are welcome to search for other memberships on Google because this program is definitely not for them. Like you, I`ve also tried hundreds of different programs in order to make money online, but few of them proved to be efficient. Even though I started to separate all the good programs from the scams, the profits I made did not last too long since these programs have a limited life span and will get you back to point 0 once their popularity disappears. All the websites and blogs that I`ve created over the time are now bringing me important profits on a constant basis. My work has paid off in the end.

Don`t think that I will recommend this program to you and then leave all the rest of the work only on you. It would be a far better idea to search for education on how to build your own business instead of browsing on Google to encourage all the scam programs out there. Your work and dedication will really pay off in the end, and even if you can`t purchase the memberships and training at the present time, you will benefit from the free info presented in the form of reports which may help you start with the right foot.